Friday, 19 May 2023, 7:30 pm
Le Jardin de France im Stahlbad

The fascinating collision of world cultural heritages, a unique alliance of French haute cuisine with great champagnes from Magnum bottles in the world heritage city of Baden-Baden. Vive la France!

French cuisine has been the model for many top chefs around the world for centuries. It was therefore rightly declared an intangible UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010. And it is undisputed that Champagne occupies a special position among the wines of the world.

The fact that these two outstanding culinary ambassadors can be perfectly married is proven by this unique champagne dinner in the Le Jardin de la France* restaurant in the Stahlbad. The star-decorated chef Stéphane Bernard has created a magnificent 5-course menu for this fantastic evening, based on classic French haute cuisine and perfectly matched to the individual champagnes. Sommelière, champagne expert and champagne ambassador Gerhild Burkhard will guide you through the evening and impart interesting and mysterious facts about the most elegant drink in the world.

An absolute culinary highlight of the festival in a city that was itself declared a World Heritage Site in 2021, and in a restaurant where star chef Harald Wohlfahrt received the foundation for his career and even musician and guitar legend Jimi Hendrix once stopped in.


Première Cuvée’ Extra Brut METHUSALEM ‐
Bruno PAILLARD min. 3 years
Hefelager – 6 litre bottle


Drappier MILLESIME EXCEPTION Millésimé 2012
JEROBOAM – 3 litre bottle


Intense’ mag16 Brut METHUSALEM A.R. Lenoble,
Base year 2016 + 40%
Reserve wines from the Magmum – 6 litre bottle


Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle No 23 Magnum,
Vintages 2002-2006 – 1.5 litre bottle


Amour Deutz 2010 Magnum, Champagne Deutz,
1.5 litre bottle

426 Euro per person
incl. menu, champagne, mineral water and coffee.

Minimum number of participants required

The location

Le Jardin de France im Stahlbad

The Le Jardin de France restaurant has been providing top-level gastronomy for the last 25 years now. Located in the heart of Baden-Baden, a city attracting large numbers of sophisticated international guests, the restaurant is housed in a beautiful 19th century building where gourmets will feel immediately at home.
Guests will enjoy meals that are prepared and served with the utmost skill and dedication. In surroundings that are just as stylish and exquisite as the restaurant’s food, the guest is the focus of each and every activity.

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