Sunday, 21 May 2023, 7:00 pm
Fritz & Felix im Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa

Austria’s elite winemakers pour their best wines, top chef Farid Fazel provides the matching refined menu, and the pleasure double is perfect! And you shouldn’t miss it!

Austria has long since arrived at the top of the world’s wine-producing nations. This unique evening at the Fritz & Felix restaurant in the legendary Brenner’s Park Hotel will demonstrate the extraordinary wines that the country’s dedicated winegrowing elite is capable of producing.

The traditional Salomon Undhof from Krems and the equally highly decorated wineries Pöckl and Scheiblhofer from Burgenland and Lake Neusiedl will contribute their wines, which are highly esteemed among connoisseurs and lovers and have received excellent reviews from critics. Chef Farid Fazel has created a 6-course menu to go with the wines, a double delight in which German and Austrian influences will meet.

Representatives of all three wineries will lead through the evening, presenting their regions and explaining their winemaking philosophy. It will be shown that Austrian wines are also just about perfect food companions.

This promises to be a great evening in the atmospheric ambience of a grand hotel that enjoys an outstanding reputation far beyond Germany’s borders.

Salomon Undhof, Weingut Pöckl & Weingut Scheiblhofer

Neusiedlersee meets Kremstal and Burgenland, Austria

We combine Grüner Veltliner from the Salomon Undhof in
Kremstal with high-quality reds from the Pöckl winery on Lake Neusiedl and the 100-point wine Batonnage from the Scheiblhofer winery in Burgenland.

Ried Wachtberg 2021 Kremstal dac Erste Lage Grüner Veltliner,


Wieden 2022 Kremstal dac Grüner Veltliner,


Ried Goldberg Alte Reben 2021 Kremstal dac Grüner Veltliner,


Admiral 2015,


2015 Batonnage,
100 falstaff Punkte


Goldrosen Gelber Traminer Auslese 2016,

255 Euro per person
incl. menu, wine, mineral water and coffee

Minimum number of participants required

Weingut Pöckl
Zwergäcker 1
7123 Mönchhof, Austria


Dr. Salomon Wein GmbH
Undstrasse 10
3500 Stein a.d. Donau

+43 (0)2732 8322612

Halbturner Straße 1a
7163 Andau

+43 (0)2176 2610

The location

Fritz & Felix at Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa

Urbane, cosmopolitan and pleasantly casual: Fritz & Felix at the Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa in Baden-Baden takes its guests on a “comfort food” jaunt through the Black Forest. The modern food and bar concept encourages guests to open their minds to the enjoyment of new regional delights and satisfy not just their hunger but their culinary curiosity too. The team around head chef Farid Fazel, restaurant manager Matthias Pfundstein and head bartender Benjamin Schreiber work wherever possible with local suppliers with high ethical and sustainability standards. The centre of the action at Fritz & Felix is the premium cast-iron charcoal grill made by Charcoa. A literal hotspot on the Baden-Baden restaurant scene, this is where the culinary creativity happens. The eye-catching designer grill is fired by a wide range of Black Forest wood – from fir and spruce to beech and birch – each variety providing its own flavour nuance. And it’s not just meat and fish sizzling over the flames but vegetable dishes too. Fritz & Felix has won prestigious awards for its wine list, which is curated by Baden-Baden-based Konstantin Baum, the youngest German ever to pass the “Master of Wine” qualification.

Fritz & Felix at Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa
Schillerstrasse 4/6
76530 Baden-Baden, Germany

+49 (0)7221 900 999

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