Johann Willsberger:

19-21 May 2023
Kongresshaus, Room: S1 + foyer, 1st floor

Johann Willsberger is a photographer.
For 25 years (from 1976 to 2001), he photographed the best dishes he photographed the best dishes of those chefs who defined the culinary revolution worldwide. His aesthetic images have shaped a new, clear style of food style of food photography and at the same time a documentation of the triumphant advance of the new food culture.
Willsberger devoted himself with equal commitment to wine and accompanied the many exciting changes in the in the great wine regions of the world. And in the process discovered a new passion: Photographing wine as it is being made.
He visited Romanée-Conti and Margaux in France, Giacosa’s great Barolo in Piedmont and Australia’s super Syrah. “Hill of Grace” during fermentation and captured the spectacular moments, when grape juice turns into wine.
The result is magnificent portraits that tell the story, that every wine has its secret. For wine is not only alcohol, wines are culture, they have history and they tell stories.
The selection of images is divided into chapters and shows wine in various scenarios. From grapes to landscapes to fermentation images.
Presence of the artist Friday, 19.05.2023, 15.00-17.00

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