Masterclass „Riesling Kabinett“

Freitag, 19. Mai 2023, 14:30–16:00 Uhr
Kongresshaus, Room: S4, 1st floor

No other wine on our planet manages the art of bringing together a complete and complex cosmos of flavours on the head of a pin – in other words, in a sip of eight or nine percent alcohol by volume – as well as Germany’s Kabinett-Riesling. Our masterclass will explore the ageing potential of these delicate yet timeless wines and their fascinating ability to produce almost dry flavours after a few years of bottle ageing, even though the residual sugar content in the wines has not changed analytically.
As some examples, we will have three vintages from each of three Grand Cru sites in the glass: There will be three Rotlack Rieslings from Schloss Johannisberg, three Kabinett wines from the monopoly site Oberemmeler Hütte from Weingut von Hövel, and three Scharzhofberger Kabinett wines from Egon Müller – the most mature 40 years old. A journey through time in a glass!

Wines served

Johannisberg Castle, Johannisberg (Rheingau)

2017 Schloss Johannisberg Rotlack Riesling Kabinett

2009 Schloss Johannisberg Rotlack Riesling Kabinett

1976 Schloss Johannisberg Rotlack Riesling Kabinett

Winery von Hövel, Oberemmel (Saar)

2022 Oberemmel Hut Riesling Kabinett

2021 Oberemmel Hut Riesling Kabinett

2013 Oberemmel Hut Riesling Kabinett

Winery Egon Müller, Wiltingen (Saar)

2021 Scharzhofberg Riesling Kabinett

2001 Scharzhofberg Riesling Kabinett

1981 Scharzhofberg Riesling Kabinett


Falstaff Wine Editor-in-Chief Ulrich Sautter

35 Euros per person

to be booked at the box office

(can be included for Goldticket holders, registration by phone required)

The location

Kongresshaus Baden-Baden

The modern, daylight-flooded Kongresshaus Baden-Baden – with its clear, classically-modern structure, incredibly flexible room concepts and 4,500 square metres of space – provides the perfect setting for the Wine & Gourmet-Festival by Falstaff.
Kongresshaus Baden-Baden Betriebsgesellschaft mbH
Augustaplatz 10
76530 Baden-Baden, Germany

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