House rules
By purchasing tickets to Events held by Baden-Baden Events GmbH, ticket buyers shall accept the authority of Baden-Baden Events GmbH to determine access to the Venue and recognise its house and Venue rules as binding. Instructions given by staff shall be followed.
Visitors should be aware that there are uneven surfaces and steps in the Event Venue, which means that there exists a risk of falling if attention is not paid. The Event Venue shall generally be entered at one’s own risk. The house rules of the relevant Venue and directions provided by guards shall be followed. It shall be prohibited to enter the stage area or climb barriers. If rules are not followed, the Organiser may request that the offender is removed from the Venue. A security check may take place on entry. It is the security guards’ duty to conduct body checks. The Organiser shall reserve the right to deny entry for significant reasons (in return for a refund of the nominal value of the ticket).

Exiting the Event
Tickets shall lose their validity on exiting the Venue. There shall be no entitlement to re-entry. Events using authorisation cards are exempt from this; Visitors of such Events may re-enter the Venue with their authorisation card after exiting it. Any entitlement to a seat in the specified price category shall expire once the Event commences.

Transfer of tickets
It is generally prohibited to purchase tickets for the purpose of reselling them. Tickets may only be purchased at the advance sale outlets authorised by the Organiser.

Return of tickets
Ticket holders shall not have any entitlement to return tickets/vouchers and receive a refund of the admission price.

Cancellation of an Event
If the Event is cancelled, holders of tickets or vouchers shall receive a refund of the admission price paid to purchase the ticket when they return the ticket/voucher to the advance sale outlet. In the event of cancellation, card holders may only return their tickets in a period of seven business days, following which the entitlement to a refund shall be void. The Organiser shall reserve the right to bring forward or postpone the Event.

Event ending prematurely
An Event that lasts until a set break and then cannot be continued for a significant reason not of the Organiser’s fault shall be deemed a fully conducted Event and shall not provide grounds for a refund. Significant reasons may in particular include hazards being present on the premises (for example a fire alarm) or an artist cancelling for health reasons. However, this shall only apply if at least half of the Event time has passed by the time of the break.

Noise volume at Events
At concerts, there is a risk of damage to hearing and injury to health due to the noise volume. Should Visitors feel that a concert is unusually loud, they shall be required to move to the rear area of the Venue as soon as they notice this and seek the greatest possible distance from the loudspeakers or musicians or, for the time being, leave the Venue. There shall be free-of-charge hearing protection available for sensitive Visitors at the reception desk at the Kurhaus.

Programme changes
The Organiser shall reserve the right to change the line-up and programme for a significant reason, provided such changes are reasonable. We shall in particular reserve the right to make line-up changes if an artist cancels because of illness or inability to attend the Event for other reasons. In these situations, care shall be taken to maintain a line-up with artists of equal value or at least approximately the same value with regard to profile and qualifications. We shall in particular reserve the right to make programme changes in the event that an item on the programme cannot be performed, rendering a change absolutely necessary. In this case, too, care shall be taken that the programme change does not lead to a significant modification of the programme’s contents.

Prohibited items
It shall be prohibited to bring into the Venue glass containers, cans, tape recorders, film and video cameras, bulky objects, cool bags, pyrotechnic objects, torches, sparklers, weapons and similarly dangerous objects, and animals. Visitors shall be removed from the Event hall if they do not follow or comply with this prohibition.

Image and audio recordings
By purchasing a ticket, Visitors shall give their consent to the Organiser making, reproducing and publishing in print and audiovisual media image recordings of Visitors showing them as attendees of the Event. This consent shall be given without payment in return and without time or geographic restrictions. It shall be prohibited for Visitors to make audio, photographic, film and video recordings.

The Organiser shall not be liable for objects lost or stolen during the Event. Parents shall be liable for their children. Children under the age of 12 shall be accompanied by an adult. The minimum age for admission to the ball shall be 14 years. Children and teenagers under the age of 16 shall only be permitted access if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Dress code
Should the Organiser desire a dress code for the Event, Visitors shall accept this dress code with their purchase of a ticket and shall comply with the code.

Events with television recordings
By attending the Event, television broadcasters shall obtain the right to broadcast image recordings of Event Visitors without special payment in return. Purchasing a ticket shall incur an obligation not to take photographs using a self-provided source of light and not to hinder the work of the television team. Obstructed views should be expected.