Berndt May

What could be finer than turning one’s hobby into a career? After 29 years in the financial sector, I transitioned to a genial, down-to-earth profession that provides me with tremendous joy and inner peace.
The role of host was business as usual during the last 20 years of my work as a banker, and so already part of my DNA. Nothing brings me more joy than sharing, discussing and even philosophising about wine with other enthusiasts over a fine bottle.
For 15 years, my wine motto was “Just for the love of it … and never for money,” which meant of course that the Manfred Krankl label was emblazoned proudly on our cellar doors. Yet it’s a motto that doesn’t quite fit the wine selling profession.
So, we’ve modified it slightly to “Wine with Passion.”
My background:
29 years as an asset manager, most recently with J.P. Morgan, and 22 years of private wine appreciation.

Speaker events: