Bio Weingut Maier winery

Baden-Baden, Germany

Our wines are honest and uncomplicated, and yet each one is also highly distinctive. They are unpretentious organic wines from Baden, which do not have to be swooshed three times around your mouth to detect the finest nuances. Iris and I take great joy in tending and cherishing our premium Baden vineyards through all seasons. They cover an area of 10 hectares, including the Neuweierer Mauerberg and steep slopes of the Engelsfels. With these very different soils and altitudes, you can easily tell from the taste of each wine where the grapes were grown. Our philosophy is near-natural viticulture and our vineyards have been free of chemicals for over 20 years now. We use plant-based products, work by hand and deploy the minimum amount of machinery. We have therefore been an organic business since 2015 and are even eco-certified as of vintage 2018!

Events involving the winery: