Schloss Neuweier winery

Baden-Baden, Germany

The Neuweier winery and castle have been in the Schätzle family since 2012. And at the heart of this historic estate lie the Schlossberg, Goldenes Loch (golden hole) and Mauerberg vineyards.

Premium wines thrive here, imbued with a unique essence of the vineyard in which they are grown, an impressive minerality and aromatic richness. It is a wonderful thing that the ancient identity of these steep-slope vineyards has been retained across the centuries. “We have a particular penchant for Riesling and share this passion with wine lovers throughout the world. But over the years, our enthusiasm for Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay has grown”. The fine old adage “Time will bring you roses” was carved into the castle doorway in 1548, reminding us that patience is the only way for the best fruits to flourish. And Robert Schätzle has adopted this adage for his wines. After all, time is the most valuable and precious tool he can deploy, as it encourages minerality and aroma to take on exceptional depth.

The castle has long been known not only for its high-quality wines full of character, but also for its culinary delights. The restaurant in the castle has been a hotspot for gourmets for decades. Over the past 75 years, all of the castle’s chefs have been able to impress with their culinary art. Since the beginning of this year, this tradition has been seamlessly continued by Jan Hoffmann, the youngest star chef for vegetarian dishes in Europe. Oenologist Robert Schätzle and chef Jan Hoffmann are not only experts in their field, they also have a lot in common. There is the respect for nature, the careful use of resources and the search for the perfect taste experience, to name but a few. The conditions for presenting the discerning guest with something extraordinary in terms of food and wine have never been better.

Events involving the winery: