Roland Ettl

Nigrum Baden-Baden, Germany

Head chef Roland Ettl was born and raised in Austria. He trained in Austrian five-star hotels and at hotel management school

and gained additional experience in Zurich, Munich, Cologne, Hamburg and on Mallorca, working mostly in Michelin-starred restaurants. He cites Rino Casati, the first Italian Michelin-starred chef in Germany, as the greatest influence on his cooking.

Ettl is thrilled to showcase his culinary style at Nigrum and wow diners time and again with a menu that changes every four weeks. He is a true master of the art of combining avant-garde and classical cuisine. Diners can also request their personal favourites if the ingredients are available. Ettl’s food not only tastes sensational but looks the part too: all dishes are wonderfully presented in exquisite detail.

Events with the chef: