Weingut Sven Nieger

Baden-Baden, Germany

A particular spirit emanates from Sven Nieger’s winery – the spirit of the successful “UNDERDOG“. And it’s a spirit you can taste in every single drop. The UNDERDOG philosophy is to produce “wines full of self-expression and character, displaying rough edges and striking features.” This has been the motivation to build a winery that has become an insider tip for connoisseurs of Baden wine. In fact, the exciting UNDERDOG wines have made a real name for themselves,
becoming a true expression of “Baden power”. At Weingut Sven Nieger, a great terroir teams up with a philosophical approach and real expertise, fortified with splash of a self-confidence and the courage to express one’s own character. Baden isn’t only a wonderful place for holiday-makers, it’s a great habitat for carefully selected grapes as well. They thrive on the excellent soil, are harvested at a carefully calculated date, and are then expertly matured to create a real oenological highlight.
Established in 2013 in the Baden-Baden suburb of Varnhalt, Weingut Sven Nieger now invests time and passion in producing wines that are in tune with nature. No chemicals are used in the cultivation of the grapes. The winery’s philosophy involves gentle hand-picking, a slow pressing process, spontaneous fermentation, avoidance of enzymes and other additives, and a great deal of time and patience. When it comes to creating honest and authentic wines, less really can be more. Sven Nieger’s products are no fast-paced fruit bombs. They are candid and unadorned wines where the quality lies in structure and minerality. Not the best choice for wine-drinkers in a hurry, they are perfect for strong characters and nature-lovers who have their own tales to tell.

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